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SpaceNet provides fixed Wireless LTE-A Internet Access to the South African home and small business markets.  We offer our clients Fixed Wireless Internet LTE services nationally.


  •  No installation is required
  •  No contracts
  •  It's portable, so take your Router on holiday with you and keep on surfing
  •  Receive a FREE month for every friend you refer to SpaceNet and joins SpaceNet
  •  Unused data at the end of a month carries over to the next month
  •  You get access to the Client Zone to monitor your usage


  *Please Note that due to demand
Rain have temporarily stopped taking on new clients whilst they upgrade their network.

STEP 1 – Check for Coverage

  • Click on the coverage button
  • Type in your address e.g. 10 Downing Street, Sandton, Gauteng

STEP 2 – Choose Data Bundle


  • Choose a data bundle that suits your needs from the Network that gives you coverage
  • This can be found by clicking the How Much tab

STEP 3 – Sign Up


  • Fill in your details and choice on the Application Form by clicking on the Sign Up button
  • Press enter and accounts will receive your application form and send you an invoice

STEP 4 – Process


  • Make your 1st payment using your client number provided on the invoice as your reference
  • Your order is then processed
  • Allow up to three working days for delivery
  • Insert your SIM card
  • Switch on and Enjoy!