Once you have confirmed that you have coverage, the next step is to choose a package that suites your needs and Sign Up.



If you do the numbers, you will see that taking out a contract costs MORE than if you were to pay for your device and go prepaid. Not only that, you’re not locked in and you retain the freedom to change if and when you want.

Cell-C Packages

(DOWNLOAD up to 70 Mbps)

ZTE MF910+ 4G/LTE Mobile WiFi
                                  Modem Router Bundle

ZTE MF910 Mi-Fi

Comes with built in Wi-Fi
10 Wi-Fi users
Up to 50Mbps downloads
R899 * No contract

ZTE MF253 Router

Comes with built in Wi-Fi
  32 Wi-Fi users
Up to 50Mbps downloads
R 1299* No contract

                Signal Booster

                                 Comes with 2x 1om TS-9 cables
                                       11 dB gain / 2.4 and 5.8Ghz                                   
                                Directional, Outdoor mount
                           R1299 * Excluding delivery (R225)      

                                     LTE-MD-11 • LTE Directional High Gain
                        MIMO Ottenna