Questions & Answers



How do I insert my SIM card?


Your LTE Router has a SIM port on it and is clearly marked. Simply insert the SIM making sure that the unit is not powered on and that you insert the right way as indicated. Then you can power on the device.



How do I set up my Router’s Wi-Fi password?


Your Router comes with a booklet explaining how you can change your SSID (Wi-Fi name) and password. It’s real simple.



What is my customer reference number?


Your customer reference number is the number we provide you with once you have signed up.  It is to be used for all communications to SpaceNet such as Top Up’s, Payments and emails.



Will I get a monthly invoice and when?


Yes, invoices generally go out via email on the 26th of each month.



How do I Top Up?


You simply click on the Top Up page, select which Top Up you want and press enter. Once your payment has been received your account will be updated with the selected Top Up. 



What are the basic Terms and conditions?


The following are the basic terms and conditions when signing up with SpaceNet. 


  • The service is offered as pre-paid which means you pay monthly in advance.
  • Delivery to your doorstep may vary based on when your order was received and normally takes around three working days.
  • By law you are required to RICA your new SIM card. This happens at the time of delivery so you will need to be there.
  • SpaceNet merely on sell the Rain / Internet Solutions LTE – A service and have no control over the Network and its roll out. We do however have access to their team for any technical and pricing issues.
  • Top Up’s are valid for 30 days from date of purchase on a use or lose basis.
  • When you elect to use your own Router under the Cell-C service it must conform to LTE-A protocols. We accept no responsibility for your Router not being compliant.
  • SpaceNet is not responsible for the coverage in your area and assumes that you have checked the coverage maps before completing the Sign Up form.


How do I Check My Usage?


When you sign up you will be given access to our Client Zone where you can check your current data usage.